Services & Offerings


Business Research services

With a continued increase in competition across the global marketplaces, businesses need to understand their customers better and obtain actionable industry insights, not only to make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions, but also to take a deeper dive into their markets.  BVG provides actionable insights to help our clients understand the target market, consumer behavior, market trends, industry developments, competitors, and vendors & partners to help them in future business strategies and gain competitive advantage.

Digital & Data Services

Bringing comprehensive digital, data strategy and analytics experience and extensive knowledge of markets and customers, BVG will help you leverage legacy and emerging technologies to develop new approaches, models and road-maps that support business decision-making, drive innovation and enable sustainable competitive advantage.


Education Technology Services (“EdTech”) encompasses a broad range of offerings. Click Here to learn more.

Administrative, Management & Technology Services

BVG provides operating advice and assistance to businesses and organizations on administrative management issues, such as records management, office planning, strategic and organizational planning, site selection and new business startup.  We also offer legal research services from an experienced industry professional.  Our technology consulting includes assessment, strategy and implementation planning that minimizes the impact on your business while maximizing value.

Business Process Improvement Services

BVG’s business process improvement services focus on planning, improving and executing business strategies and processes with an objective view that aligns activities with the needs of your clients and stakeholders.

Environmental Consulting & Remediation Services

Coming soon!

Software & Products

BVG offers a wide range of software and products to support your business needs. Check out our Brand Partners section to see what we can offer.