SelfClean SHIELD


SelfClean Shield Masonry Treatment


STILL PRESSURE WASHING? SelfClean is an easy-to-use, water-based treatment that fades stains using just the light around us!


  • Fades organic stains from auto drippings, mold, food, etc. using ambient light

  • Beads water

  • Makes surfaces less permeable, preventing infiltration and deep staining, which makes standard cleaning techniques more effective

  • Durable; permanently modifies the surface itself; not a “coating” or film so cannot peel, crack, wear off or suffer “hot tire pickup”

  • Fades many pre-existing stains

  • Can bead or sheet liquids; not slippery when wet

  • No significant change in appearance

  • Green, water-based with no VOC’s or harsh chemicals; can contribute to LEED points

  • Degrades pollutants so fewer run off into surface waters with rain

  • Roof tiles dry fast, discouraging fungal growth

  • Breathes; allows vapor transmission

  • Stabilizes (cements) sand between pavers/stones

  • Uses safer, proven ingredients

  • Single Coat Coverage

Basic Directions For use

  • 1. Apply to clean, dry surfaces.

  • 2. Agitate well just before application.

    • 2.1. Evenly apply Shield continuously and evenly with a sprayer. Apply lightly, only as much as will be

      readily absorbed.

    • 2.2. Leave the surface evenly damp, with a uniform matte appearance, not dripping wet or shiny.

      • 2.3. Do not partially apply or over apply.

  • 3. Allow the surface to dry to the touch, usually within one to six hours, depending on temperature, humidity, etc.

  • 4. Unused Shield may be covered, airtight and dark at room temperature, for later use.

SelfClean Masonry Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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primary applications (Floors, Walls)

  • Poured concrete

  • Pavers

  • Roof tiles

  • Mortar

  • Grout, similar cementitious materials

  • Stone

  • On top of SelfClean Masonry Treatment

technical information

  • Coverage - residential concrete (sqft/gal) Up to 800 (each coat)

  • Coverage - commercial concrete, stone, etc. (sqft/gal) Up to 850 (each coat)

  • pH ~ 9.7

  • VOC 0 g/L


SelfClean SHIELD is packaged in one-gallon (3.8 l) F-style jugs and five-gallon (18.9 l) pails.


Clean brushes, tools, equipment and flush sprayer with potable water immediately after use.


  • 1. Do not allow excess Shield to drip or run and dry on the surface; the excess may cure to a tough chemically resistant polycrystalline material. The surface should be left uniformly damp or moist with a matte appearance.

    • 1.1. A dried-on excess will largely disintegrate with time and blend in with the surface.

  • 2. May permanently etch glass, aluminum, brass, porcelain or enamel on contact; protect these from exposure to spray, droplets or run-off; do not store, mix or apply using such containers.

  • 3. Do not apply over painted surfaces; Shield may not penetrate and react if surface has had prior treatments. Test sample area for suitability.

  • 4. If the surface will not absorb water, it will not absorb Shield. Test by sprinkling water onto surface.

  • 5. Do not apply below 50° F or above 90° F. Use water spray to cool hot surfaces. Apply immediately after the water evaporates completely so that Shield does not overheat and dehydrate before it penetrates.

  • 6. Schedule application before a dry period when possible. If rain is unavoidable within 6 hours of application, cover the area with an impermeable film.

shelf life

  • Eighteen months in original, unopened package.

  • Shake well before use.


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