Small Business

Small Business


Immediately after sending us an inquiry, we will likely request additional details and information from you. Our comprehensive process provides the best proposal with very detailed responses to help you make the right choice. One very important aspect of any proposal is offering competitive pricing, top-quality service with maximized impacts for your small business need.


Our proposals will include five very important elements to assist you in making the right decision: 
One - Answers to all your questions, concerns and needs 
Two - Detailed outline on how we plan to approach your request 
Three - Complete transparency of resources used, where geographically and how we plan to ensure complete confidentiality of your business information
Four - Total cost of service with specific details on what is included 
Five - Deadline for completion of work


We provide a 100% success guarantee to you, the client. Our mission is to support that business need and ensure complete and total satisfaction with our services. We strive to deliver results that impact your business in a positive way with increased opportunities and top-quality service. Until you say, "I'm very satisfied with the work provided" we will not stop. This is our service guarantee to you, the client.



Providing Non-Profit Organizations With Discounted Services



Free consultation to discuss options for your organizational needs.


Offering technology products and solutions at discounted rates.



Federal, State, Local Government Contracting

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