Streaming Data Service by the Experts Behind Apache Kafka™

Confluent CloudTM is a streaming data service that delivers the resilient, scalable streaming platform that is Apache Kafka. Deployable in minutes, it is the ideal streaming data service for the operations-starved organization or the agile, cloud-first developer on a mission. Confluent Cloud is a fully managed, private cluster service hosted on AWS (US-West-2, US-East-1), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure*.

Confluent Developer Training: Building Kafka Solutions

Course Objectives: In this three-day hands-on course you will learn how to build an application that can publish data to and subscribe to data from an Apache Kafka® cluster. You will learn the role of Kafka in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss core Kafka architectural concepts and components, and review the Kafka developer APIs. In addition to Kafka, Kafka Connect, and Kafka Streams, the course also covers other components in the broader Confluent Platform, such as the Schema Registry, the REST Proxy, and KSQL.

Confluent Operations Training for Apache Kafka

Course Objectives: In this three-day hands-on course you will learn how to build, manage, and monitor clusters using industry best-practices developed by the world’s foremost Apache Kafka® experts. You will learn how Kafka and the Confluent Platform work, how their main subsystems interact, and how to set up, manage, monitor, and tune your cluster.

Confluent Cloud: Apache Kafka® re-engineered for the cloud

Revolutionize the way you build streaming applications and real-time data pipelines with Confluent Cloud™, a fully managed cloud-native streaming service based on Apache Kafka. Confluent Cloud is built and operated by the creators of Apache Kafka and delivers industry-leading scalability, latency, and uptime SLAs.

Confluent Enterprise Data Sheet: Monitoring, Administration and Operations for Running Apache Kafka® at Scale 

Organizations around the world rely on Apache Kafka® to run some of the largest data streaming pipelines, to power micro-services applications, and to support IoT initiatives. Confluent Enterprise is the only enterprise stream platform built entirely on Kafka that makes implementing and managing an enterprise streaming platform with Kafka easy, reliable, and secure.