Process Improvement is accomplished by:

  • Identifying and Defining the current process (how & now)

  • Surveying process performance (base line establishment)

  • Balance the process (eliminate variation)

  • Improving the process (how it should be done)

  • Ensuring that process is maintained through measurement and management


CI enables ongoing efforts to improve products, services, or processes.

Business Process Improvement (BPI)

Business inefficiencies cost money, time, and lost opportunity. BPI enables a deep analysis of current state to achieve desired state.


Business Process Management (BPM)

By implementing efficient, integrated and flexible improvement processes, BVG ensures that our clients are able to adjust to a rapidly changing global marketplace, reduce delays and enhance customer satisfaction, encourage collaboration with partners and customers and optimize utilization of resources.
BVG’s Process Improvement through Business Process Improvement or Operations Process Improvement offers you the ability to improve quality, timeliness, efficiency, cost reductions and cycle-time. 


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